Work We Must – The Eternal Principle of Work

I’m here today to present to you one of the most powerful principles or may I say gifts that has been given to us – It’s really a joyful one – one that will make you so very happy and content to be in this world today.

One that will make all your troubles and woes go away – one that will engulf you with the spirit in your life, you’ll wonder just why you hadn’t picked up on it before.

Sadly, many in the world today and even more unfortunately many that follow the Savior avoid it as much as possible – they see it as a necessary ill of living in this world –

Many will embrace it and feel the power and love that comes with this gift. –

Many will find self-satisfaction in it and many will see it as endless torment

We just need to remember that it’s a gift from our Loving Heavenly Father – A gift that he gave us before we came to earth and one that will continue long after we have passed on.

One that will bring us closer to our Heavenly Parents and Jesus. It will bring us closer to our families, our neighbors, strangers that we meet, and some people that we will only meet in the next life.

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ taught us how to use this gift by their example and teachings-

It is with this gift that if we use it properly we can be the Lords hands and feet while making us more Christ like.

What is this great gift?  As we just heard – it is work –not just going through the motions work, but hard sweat producing work.  Sometimes we will hate it and other times we will love it.

“The Eternal Principle of Work”

and right there in the topic we learn something – 1- Work is eternal and 2 Work is a principle.

 So, what do we mean by eternal –  without beginning and without end – you know – like eternal –

And what are Principles:

Well principles are guidelines on how we act on doctrines- Elder Bednar says that principles provide direction. Correct principles do not change. Principles answer the question of “What”.

Work is a principle – it is the what we do to follow the doctrines of the Gospel–

We should remember that Doctrines and Principles are eternal and never change.

However, the application of the principles can change from time to time while the doctrines or principles do not.

This talk is too short to discuss this and it can get rather deep and should be contemplated to really understand.

So, what exactly is work – Work is any activity involving mental or physical effort done to achieve a purpose or result.

God had a purpose when he created a world for us to live in, – His work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man – and the Lord also gave us the Great Plan Happiness in which we learn by working.

When the Lord put Adam and Eve in the garden they were instructed to tend the garden, and when they fell, Adam was commanded to work by the sweat of his brow –  President Uchtdorf has told us that there is no retirement plan in doing the Lord’s work.

Alma worked to build the kingdom, Paul worked to spread the good news, Brigham Young worked to get the saint to Utah, and we would do well to follow their example.

My mom was Scotch Irish and my dad Italian and that is a wonderful mix for both work and passion – mom taught me by example the meaning of hard work, my dad taught me humor and compassion for others –

Just as my mom and dad taught me by example, so our heavenly parents and Jesus taught us by their example – unlike the gods of mythology, they did not sit around doing nothing, eating the fruits of those that worked for them.  They worked teaching us, creating this world and the universe, Jesus worked as a carpenter, he then worked teaching us his gospel –  We need to always remember their examples.

 In the Church, no individual who can work is excused from working. This principle refers to more than paid employment – it applies to all types of work.  We are all able to do some kind of work in the Kingdom.

Brigham Young taught the early saints – that we are not to waste our time here upon the earth, that after suitable rest and relaxation there should not be time spent in idleness, but that we should strive to improve our minds and to increase in faith that we may grow in the knowledge of the truth.

“Our Heavenly Father loves us so completely that he has given us the commandment to work. This is one of the keys to eternal life. He knows that we will learn more, grow more, and achieve more from a life of industry than from a life of ease”

We are encouraged to work with a happy and cheerful attitude. Learn to love your work. Learn to say, “This is my work and my glory, not my doom.

We all need to find purpose in what we do, whether it’s working to provide for your family, doing chores around the house and garden, of even your calling or service for others.

I find that in life we need to know what our purpose is, hopefully its more than just getting through another miserable day.

I believe strongly that we each need a mission statement, this is a document where we declare what our values, goals and purpose are – It’s about what we believe and stand for, it’s the who we are and the what that drives us.

It’s a document that you can look at and say – Yes! that is what I stand for and who I am.  Let’s say it’s the WHY of US – It’s also good to have a family mission statement

Always find purpose in everything that you do – not only will it satisfy you it will build character –

No matter what we do – become the very best at it – it doesn’t matter if we clean up poop from dog kennels or are the CEO of a major corporation. Just as in the parable of the talents – those that are faithful in the little things will be given greater things –

Let’s say that you do clean dog cages for a living (which I did) take pride in making the cages the cleanest ever, that will make the dogs happy – and happy dogs get adopted – Dogs bring happiness to people – and there will be love in their home. All because you clean the cage.

Apply this logic to whatever you do – see beyond the work, look to what the result can be –

I work at NIH – we do wonderful work there helping mankind – I fix computers, those computers are used by the researchers and medical staff – they are working to find better ways to cure diseases. So, in a small way I contribute to the finding those cures. When I walk the halls of NIH and see the patients, I know that what I do is helping them, and I smile, I smile a lot.

We may never know the results from the work we do or the people that benefit from that work – but if we will continue to do our best we will have happiness in the work.

Remember that life is more than the here and now, life continues after death, and our choices here do have eternal consequences.

Work is one of those choices that will last into the eternities. Dedication to a good work ethics will help us to the develop the attributes of godliness, self-discipline, and integrity.

While we do not know what kind of work we will be doing in the hereafter, we can be assured that we will be working, not just hanging around playing video games.What we do know is that we will be judged according to our works in this life. And I really don’t want to be judge on how good I got at playing “Call of Duty”

And who knows, maybe there are a few new worlds that we can help create.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen



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